A Powerful Day Of Cleansing, Energising & Reflection

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There's Never Been A Better Time

Connect Deeply With The Yoga Practices by joining me, Melanie Ashley, and my co- teachers Jessica Horn and Emma Arscott for the re-opening and re-birth of Clarity Yoga Shala.

Following months of continuous change, isolation and separation we'd like to invite you to a day of clearing out the effects of the last 5 months so you can re-energise and top-up your resilience using traditional yoga practices.

We'd also love to experience a safe yoga practice in our shala.

The mats are 1.5m space between, we have a Hepa filter, ventilation to name just a few adjustments so you feel comfortable. In addition, some of our classes will be blended so you have a choice of home practice or the sanctuary of the Shala.

PLUS practitioners of the Shala will continue to receive individual attention so the rivers of energy can flow even more easily leaving them feeling physically balanced, with more energy more centred to cope better and be of support to others within this ever changing environment

The Re-Birth & Re-Newal Programme

The day will open with opening a sacred space using pranayama, meditation and affirmation as we cleanse, energise the foundation chakras before lunch.

9:30am to 10:00am The Dawn of a new beginning

It's all about intention. As the Shala goes through a re-birth & re-newal, we invite you to join in and create space using pranayama to calm the mind, and re-evaluate our purpose for the time to come.

10:30am to 11:00 Grounding with Yin Yoga

Enjoy long passive holds in floor based yoga postures to release tensions from the mind and body which have helped us to cope. Let's create calmness in the mind and be gentle on the body for the way ahead.(FULL: Join In Online)

11:30pm to noon Flow into Self Empowerment

Enjoy a taste of strong flow class as the breath is aligned with movement in a sequence designed to leave you feeling empowered, refreshed and restored.(FULL: Join In online)

12:30pm to 1:00pm Ignite Your Energy

Join this energising mind-body-spirit practice to connect with the fire of transformation in preparation of letting go of all which does not serve and embrace all that does.(4.9.20 One Space Left )

1:30pm to 2:00pm Immune System Mind & Body

Join Dr Gina Chana for an informative discussion on the relationship between your immune system, you physical and mental health. She's local with an international presence and the perfect person to clarify concerns

2:30pm to 3:00pm Bathe in Compassion

A beautiful class focussing on the heart of compassion to expand the space of sensitive even more through a series of breath lead movements that will awaken a sense of resilience and inner strength. (FULL: Join In online)

3:30pm to 4:00pm Realise Your Wisdom

Strengthen, energise and wake up with this short and sweet practice. We’ll move, breathe, connect and stretch ourselves to integrate mind body and soul.(FULL: Join In online)

4:30pm to 5:00pm Nutritional Insights

Join Michel Kingston to gain Nutritional Insights for an evidence approach on how to support your immune system. From this discussion you'll gain confidence in making appropriate food choices for yourself and family


5:30pm to 6:00pm Seal Your Intentions

Enjoy the cosmic vibration of Bija Mantra and meditation as we seal in our intentions for the new beginning with the energy of the goddess Iris.(FULL: Join In online)

The afternoon will unfold by exploring the higher chakras, connecting to the wisdom of the heart and balance this with the enquiry of the head.

The day will close at 5:30pm with the cosmic vibration of Bija Mantra as we seal in our intentions for the new beginning.

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Re-Ignite Your Personal Practice

It's an invitation to feel fresh, alive and re-newed before the Autumn settles

Shala classes are limited to maximum 7 people per class.

Re-build your strength, flexibility and resilience to cope better in an ever changing world.

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Safe-Practice Policy Here

We know some of our practitioners are eager to return to the Shala - as their haven of space, peace and harmony. For this, we've added more safety measures beyond government requirements so you Feel Safe, Practice Safely and Enjoy the space.

2 Ways To Join In

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Where: Clarity Yoga Shala or online via Zoom

When: 9:30am to 6:00pm

Parking: FREE street parking is available

What to bring: Yoga mat, blocks, straps, eye pillow, blanket as you need.


We're completely excited about sharing our space with you again.


Emma, Melanie and Jessica